Get Involved

Our church simply can’t happen without you. If you have been a part of Beaches Vineyard for a while and are looking for an opportunity to serve, here are a few ways in which you could contribute on Sunday mornings.


Vineyard Preschool (Infant-Kintergarden)*

Working with babies and young children isn't just about caring for them. It is about teaching, being a role model and often times being their first experience with the love of Jesus.
*A background check is required.

Vineyard Elementary (1st-5th grade)*

Studies show that people often point back to children's church being their first introduction to Jesus. Be a local missionary and teach children about who Jesus is and how much He loves them.
*A background check is required.

The Dock (Middle & High School)*

We all know how hard being a teenager is. Be a friend to these amazing young people as they navigate one of the most formative times in their lives.
*A background check is required.



Be the hands of Jesus by serving some morning coffee and greeting others. A friendly smile can go a long way to advancing the kingdom of God.


Calling all multi-tasking computer nerds. Work behind the scenes to keep Sunday service running smoothly by manning the worship lyrics and lights.


Keep our worship team and pastor sounding great by doing one of the most important jobs - running the soundboard. (We have a new fancy digital one now, yay!) *Previous experience is encouraged.


Help new guest find their way, as well as, manage the safety of our community, especially our littlest ones. (Did we mention you get to use a walkie talkie?)

Event Services

Beaches Vineyard is the host to some amazing events throughout the year. Part of what makes them so great is seeing people come together to serve and bless others. Be part of an event services team to help with set-up, serving, and/or breakdown of decorations.