Got Questions About Life?

Alpha is a 10-week exploration of the Christian tradition’s approach to spirituality for those who would not hang the label of “Christian” on themselves. It’s designed for the spiritually curious, for those who are asking (maybe in a serious way for the very first time) some of life’s biggest questions: is there a spiritual reality happening right within this physical experience? What am I doing here? Is there such thing as a God? Can God be experienced? 

There will space for relationships to form, free food, guided conversation, childcare if needed, but no preaching. Come with your questions. Come with your thoughts and opinions. Come, most of all, with a sense of expectation. “Knock,” it was once said, “and the door will be opened to you. Seek and you will find.” Let’s do some searching together. Email Bobby for more info. Alpha runs twice a year, normally in February and September. Registration will open closer to the start dates. 


Alpha Online - September 22 - December 1 

Alpha is a 10-week exploration of the Christian faith for new and non-Christians. Here's how it works: if you have questions about God, purpose, meaning, spirituality, etc. (or if you know someone) we invite you to join us online (using Zoom) as we present questions that are central to the Christian faith, encourage conversation, and create space for friendships to develop. 

Alpha starts September 22nd and runs every Tuesday evening until December 1 from 7:45pm to 9pm.

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