Covid - 19 Opening Guidelines

We are offering a 10AM Service

​  1. We will also continue our Sunday morning online service at 10AM through our website and Facebook.


The City of Jacksonville has now adopted Mandatory Mask Requirements for public and indoor locations. Therefore, we are requesting the use of face masks/cloth coverings.

  1. All staff and service volunteers are still required to wear one and we will have masks available onsite for anyone who needs one.

  2. We will also have hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the building. 



At this time we will not be offering any services for our infant to middle school age members, but we do strongly encourage parents to check out the online kid’s resources we have made available.

  1. We know that this decision may present a challenge to parents, but we believe this to be in the best interest of all our brothers and sisters. That being said, children are welcomed in the service but must be attended by a parent at all times.

  2. If bringing your child into a service is too much, we encourage parents to consider participating in one of two options:


  • Alternate attending service with your spouse; one goes at 9am and the other 10:30am.

  • Participate at home by joining us online. 


Although we’re allowed to reopen, the government asks that we still adhere to social distancing standards of 6ft separation, and not exceed 50% of our seating capacity.

  1. Therefore, you’ll notice that all tables and chairs in the lobby have been removed, as well as all literature and handouts. In addition, the Family room located adjacent to the lobby will be temporarily closed until further notice.

  2. Unfortunately, we will also not be offering our usual beverage service at this time.

  3. Entry and exit into the auditorium will have premarked pathways.

  4. Also, our auditorium seating will be reduced.


Prior to and immediately following both services, Beaches Vineyard team members will do a thorough cleaning of the building.


We ask that anyone who desires to attend but is having signs of illness, to stay home and join us online until all symptoms are clear for forty-eight hours.  


Having said all this, we ask that you would discern, with the Spirit, what is the best decision for you and if relevant, for your family, without feeling any form of pressure or shame. Although opening up in this manner is not ideal, we do hope and trust that it is temporary, and soon will be back in full force. At the end of the day, we’re just thankful that we can once again meet together. 


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