If you have ever felt “the world is too much with you,” that you are losing yourself in all the getting and doing and going, and are desiring space and margin and an experience of God’s presence, consider joining us for Pause.

Pause is a contemplative worship experience designed to create time and space to hear from God.  During our time together we make space to meet with God by:

  • Spending time in silent prayer.  Many of us spend the majority of our time with God talking. In this space we focus on listening and spending time in God’s presence. (Psalm 131:2)

  • Focusing on a Scripture passage as we read it slowly and repetitively and asking the Spirit to speak to us.  What word or phrase might the Spirit be highlighting for me today? What would he like to say to me through this word or phrase? What is my response to him? (Psalm 1:1&2)

  • Reflecting on the state of our souls by asking: When do I feel close to God? In what areas of my life am I feeling far from God? In what ways do I feel comforted by the Spirit? (Psalm 139:23&24)

  • Worship


*First Thursdays, 7PM


There are no events scheduled at this time.