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Originally opened in 1962 by H.B. Meiselman Theatres as the 600-seat, single-screen Royal Palm Theater, this building has seen a lot of changes over the course of 60+ years.


A second, 400-seat auditorium was added in the 1970's and the building was rebranded as the "Eastern Federal Theater."


By the early 80's it was expanded to eight screens and renamed, "The Atlantic 8." In 1999 The Atlantic 8 screened it's last film - Titanic - and went out of business.


A dinner theater and then a comedy club tried their luck next. Both Freebird Live and Beaches Vineyard inquired on it in 2007 and the landlord opted for the church over the club. 


Beaches Vineyard has been blessed to call the Atlantic Theatres home since 2008. We see this building as a part of the fabric of our neighborhoods, and are honored to share the space through creative endeavors and community-centered opportunities for growth, healing and fun. Come spend some time at the Vine!

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